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Pit Bull Torture – Can Humans Get Any Worse?

Many people are up in arms regarding the little Pit Bull puppy starved, beaten and tortured in Massachusetts.  Can we as a society get any worse than this?  What do we have to do to stop this type of sick behavior?

Following is the article from the BostonHerald.com recapping the events and a vigil that was recently held.  Visit the link here … http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/local_coverage/2013/09/emotions_run_high_at_vigil_for_puppy_doe.

“The fact of the matter is the current laws in Massachusetts are not tough enough to protect our animals,” Quincy state Rep. Bruce J. Ayers said to roaring applause as he addressed the crowd. Ayers said he is sponsoring a bill that would toughen penalties. “By raising fines and penalties, it’s my hope to show animal abusers that these crimes will not be tolerated.”

Animal abuse laws in the Bay State now draw a maximum of five years in prison and $2,500 fine.

Puppy Doe was starved, beaten, burned and stabbed in the eye. Her tongue was sliced in a serpent-like split. Several speakers addressed the crowd of people, many of whom brushed away tears. Attendees brought homemade signs and sported Puppy Doe T-shirts. Some brought their dogs, big and small.

These events seem to be occurring with more frequency.  Where are we heading as a society?