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School Teacher Locks Pit Up In Trunk

Can you say idiot?  Thank goodness Sticky Fingerz did not cross this guy;s path.  This is a man who locked a 4 month old dog in a trunk.  He said he was only working a half day …

Want to hear the punch line?  He is a school teacher. Just another pit bull cruelty case that doesn’t have to happen.

If he was working only a half day, why not crate him at home?  Any professional dog trainer could show you how to crate or house train a puppy.

From the article:


A Gateway Charter High School teacher is charged with animal cruelty after reportedly leaving a four-month-old puppy in his trunk.

On Friday around 11 a.m., two students from Gateway Charter High School noticed a man take a puppy out of the trunk of a Mercedes, walk it around – and then put it back in the trunk.

The students immediately notified the School Resource Officer, who found out the car belonged to Mathew Emans, a teacher at the school.

You can read the complete articles on the nbc-2.com affiliate by clicking here.