A Day in the Life of Sticky Fingerz – The American Pit Bull Terrier


The fact that you are reading this might be because you are bored and have absolutely nothing else to do or, you love everything Pit Bull.

Hopefully, you are reading this because you are actually deeply interested in finding out what a day in my life feels like. Well, to start with I will introduce myself because although you may have met many who resemble me, I really don’t think you have gotten a chance to keep me company and thus it would not only be rude but also lame if I failed to introduce myself. Additionally, I have a policy (you can call it a sort of mantra) that I strictly adhere to, which goes like this: “first things should be done first”.

Many people love to call me “dog” since I don’t get a chance to tell them my name, but I actually feel at ease when someone calls me Sticky Fingerz. At least that’s what everyone in my family calls me and since I would also like you to be part of my family it is in your best interests if you called me Sticky Fingerz.

I am a dog, not the mangy type of dogs, but a Pit Bull Terrier to be specific. I know you are probably frowning right now given the bad rap that has come to be associated with our kind and all those statistics saying that “Out of 31 fatal dog attacks, the Pit Bull scooped an overwhelmingly 71% of these fatal dog attacks in USA alone”. Well, I don’t want to dismiss such facts as inaccurate but between me and you I think it is better if you hear my side of story first.

The Plight of the American Pit Bull Terrier

The term Pit Bull actually encompasses many breeds and mixes, among them The American Pit Bull Terrier, The Staffordshire Bull Terrier and The American Staffordshire Terrier. The modern members of our generation to be found in many American homesteads hail from a cross-breed between bulldogs and Terriers that was done in the 19th century in the British Isles in a bid to get a dog that combined the intelligence and the agility of a terrier with the brute strength and athleticism of a bulldog. English immigrants to the New World at just around the same time are responsible for our presence in the United States.

How Do People Perceive Me Based on First Impressions

Well, I might not be in a position to accurately describe this to you but a rough overview of my appearance will give you a clear picture as to the way I look and how people think of me upon first impressions. As previously stated, my forefathers were terriers and bulldogs and so my qualities are heavily influenced by these two dog types. While our type will come in many shapes and sizes, most of us are average and on first appearances we come as thickly muscled dogs with well-defined necks and a brick like head that is especially broad toward the cheeks.

Overall we are described as being stocky, with a ton of well-defined muscles that makes our lot to strike people as dogs of sheer power. Our ears are generally cropped and tails are tapered to a point. As for the teeth, they are housed by bulging lips and in a snarling mode they tend to form a scissors bite. Though the bulging lips tend to give people the impression that we are bored, our eyes which are mostly yellow with small black pupils give us a sentinel appearance of being menacing and brutal. Such an appearance is bound to scare even the most hardened of criminals and it is no wonder that most people tend to shy away from our presence.

Reputation of the Pit Bull Terrier as a Breed

Since the 1970’s a review on dog attacks has highly publicized us to account for most dog attacks in the USA alone with 70% of the fatalities being children under the age of 10 years. Taken our sheer size and brute strength, most of these attacks are very fatal and sometimes do result in death. Such cases have only resulted in giving us a not-so-pleasing reputation and consequently most people (especially those who don’t understand us) have developed such a deep hate for our kind.

History, Personality and Temperament of the Pit Bull

Our breed is eager to please everyone and is always brimming over with enthusiasm especially when lavished with undivided attention. However, this has not always been the case. Our history is covered with gut-wrenching, blood-rushing scenarios. In the first century CE, after Rome discovered our breed after defeating the Britons, our kind spread all over the Roman empire and we were mostly used as shepherd, guard and war dogs. In ancient England, the Bullenbeissers (among some of our ancestors) were trained by butchers to latch onto an agitated bull’s nose and not to let go not until the animal was subdued.

Such practices were banned in the 19th century, when dog fighting emerged as a popular underground, quasi-illegal activity which soon spread from Britain to the New World. With changing times, we have been put back to our original use: general purpose herding and working dogs. But due to our fighting history and with people considering us as the perfect killing machines on legs, some of the initial ferocity of our ancestors still reign supreme and thus earning us the tag of being “the most dangerous breed of dog”.

How Do Pit Bull Owners Determine Our Temperament?

Our behavior, just like that of any other dog is a reflection of the humans who manage us. Given love, care and a zest for life, we do make the ideal family companions and at our best we are extremely friendly with strangers. Although, aggressive behavior towards human is uncharacteristic of our breed, even the mildest one of us will never back down from a challenge. While our love for people make us utter failures as guard dogs, our courage has no match and we will often defend our families with our lives.

Simply put, the Pit Bull Terrier is the same as other dogs that need to be loved and cared for. We need responsible owners who will invest in us with puppy training and continue as we get older.  We need them to be our leaders for as earlier said, we are a reflection of our owners.

Follow me and the other pits as we move through life.  It is our time to be discriminated and railed against.  I would rather it be our time to shine!